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Is your heater giving you the cold shoulder?
When the winter cold comes on but your heater doesn’t, TemperaturePro is ready to help.

Furnaces and heat pumps can have issues with burnt wiring, heating elements, igniters, contactors, and safety sensors. When one of these components is defective, the system may not operate, runs too long, fail to keep the home warm enough or evenly warmed.

No matter what type of central heating your home has (gas furnace, electric heat pump or even a boiler), we recommend an annual heating inspection to verify your system is safe and prepared to keep your home comfortable all season long. If you suspect the heating is not functioning well, we can diagnose, service and repair or replace it with a new one if needed.

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Service, maintenance and replacement
of gas furnaces, electric heating and heat pumps.

Buying or Selling a Home?

Before buying or selling your home have a A/C and heating inspections so you know the health of the HVAC system.

New Furnace or Heat Pump

We’ll provide you with all the new system equipment options and information needed to make an informed investment in a new system for your home or office.

Preventative Maintenance

Prevent unexpected failures with Spring and Fall preventative maintenance system checks.

Heating System Repairs

If your heater is not keeping your home comfortable, a system repair might be the recommendation after a careful diagnosis.

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Total Comfort Preventative Maintenance

Heating and cooling units only go out at the worst times possible, like the hottest day of the year, when your in-laws are visiting or you are hosting a big event. Don’t risk the embarrassment or inconvenience.

You maintain your vehicle with tune-ups, oil changes, and new tires. You take care of your health with annual visits to your doctor and dentists. The same care and preventative attention apply to your home’s heating and cooling systems. Get the most efficiency and longest life for your units.

For your heating and cooling systems to work as efficiently as possible during peak season, we strongly recommend the Total Comfort Maintenance Membership. Maintaining your system twice a year can help identify parts at risk of failure and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

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Additional Benefits of Membership?

    • Spring pre-peak season cooling inspection
    • Fall pre-season heating system check-up
    • Free EER Evaluation (efficiency rating)
    • Free diagnostic check ($89 value)
    • $100 annual credit towards a new system for each year continuously in the membership program
    • 10% discounted repairs
    • 1-year warranty on parts replaced
    • Priority service over non-members
    • No overtime charges for nights or weekends
    • Filter replacement (customer provides filter)
    • Annual investment $189.oo for 1st unit /$89 each additional unit
    • Option to pay monthly auto-pay $17.99 (1 unit) $26.99 (2 units)

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