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Total Comfort Maintenance Membership

Proactive Maintenance

Poorly maintained air conditioning systems seem to instinctively know when to fail. It’s usually on the hottest day of the summer, your night to host Bunco or when your in-laws are visiting.

Don’t risk the embarrassment, interruption or inconvenience of an air conditioning failure. It’s easy to prevent.

Proactive Maintenance of your air conditioning and heating systems can:

  • help identify weak or failing components
  • avoid unexpected breakdowns
  • increase energy efficiency
  • reduce your systems demand on the grid
  • increase in utility savings

Our Total Comfort Maintenance Membership has many benefits for you in addition to the TLC benefits to your system. Twice a year cleaning and optimization can help keep your systems running efficiently.

In the Spring, prior to peak demand, we’ll clean the cooling coils, blow out drain lines, and check all fluids. Any weak components, parts, leaks or issues discovered, will be noted and discussed with you. We’ll return in the Fall to do the same maintenance on your heating system ensuring you stay toasty and warm during our brief San Antonio winters.

When your system’s needs are addressed and properly maintained,  you’ve helped the efficiency and to extend the life of your air conditioning and heating equipment and may you even save on utility bills.
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Additional Benefits of Membership

Total Comfort Maintenance Membership

Your system will get TLC, but here are the benefits you’ll gain:

Why Join the Total Comfort Maintenance Membership?

  • Priority service over non-members
  • Spring pre-peak season cooling inspection
  • Fall pre-peak furnace inspection
  • Free EER Evaluation (efficiency rating)
  • Free indoor air quality check
  • Free diagnostic check ($89 value)
  • 10% discounted repairs
  • 1-year warranty on parts replaced
  • NO overtime charges for nights or weekends
  • Filter replacement (customer provides filter)

$100 annual credit towards a new system for each year continuously in the membership. Up to $500 (no cash value).

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