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We’ll Help You Choose a Heating System Right For You

With all of the choices out there, our technicians can help you determine which model is best for you, whether it be for your home or business. Our certified HVAC team will set up installation equipment, ductwork, and make final mechanical and electrical connections.


We install high quality furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits. Contact TemperaturePro San Antonio today for a new heating system at an affordable and honest price.

How Often Should I Replace My Heating Equipment?

Buying a new heating system is a long-term investment. Be sure to keep these things in mind:

Cost of a new system

Current energy spending – is your old system inflating up your monthly bills?

Age – if your system is 15 years or older, it’s time to start thinking about a new system

Which types of systems are compatible with your home or business

Installation – TemperaturePro HVAC technicians are highly trained and skilled

SEER Ratings

Trane S9X1 Gas Furnace


Everything You Need to Know About Furnace Heating Systems

Ever wondered how a furnace actually works? They heat air and use a blower motor to disperse warm air throughout your home via air ducts and vents in the walls, ceilings, and floors.

Furnaces can run using electricity, gas, oil, or propane.

Pros and Cons of Furnace Heating Systems


Typically less expensive than a boiler

No risk of leaking hazards because they don’t contain water

Furnaces do not freeze because they don’t contain water

Quicker installation process than a boiler – furnaces usually only requires a few hours


Heating air is less efficient than heating water

Furnaces are louder because they move air through your home

Less heat consistency – some rooms may be hotter or cooler than others

Reduced air quality – because furnaces blow air, they also blow dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria

trane xv20i heat pump

Heat Pumps

A Powerful Alternative to Furnaces

Heat pumps consist of an indoor as well as an outdoor unit, and they operate just like an air conditioning system – except they also have the technology to warm your home as well.

Heat pumps extract heat from the home and move it outdoors during the summer, then reverse the process to warm your home during winter.

Pros and Cons of Heat Pump HVAC Systems


Low operating costs, which means lower energy bills

Offers heating and cooling technology in one system

Long lifespans

Reduces your carbon footprint


Longer installation because they consist of both indoor and outdoor units

Not entirely carbon neutral as they rely on electricity to operate

mini split

Ductless Mini-Split Cooling Systems

Why Choose a Mini-Split HVAC System?

Ductless systems can be easily installed anywhere in your home. They are great for additions and renovations, providing comfort at the perfect temperature year-round.

These electric systems are incredibly efficient, using up to 40% less energy to keep your home at your desired temperature.

Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems


Technology for both heating and cooling

Comes in many shapes and sizes: wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, floor-mounted, and horizontal-ducted

Control your system wirelessly from anywhere, anytime

Mini split systems are incredibly energy efficient because there is no energy lost to ducts

Great option for both home and business owners – ductless systems are great for commercial properties like hotels, motels, and medical centers

Very easy to install


Some prefer furnaces & boilers since they are typically hidden in closet or back rooms

In some cases, mini split systems are more expensive than traditional forced air units

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Join the Total Comfort Club today and start saving big bucks on your HVAC services and repairs. Regular preventative HVAC maintenance lowers your monthly utility bills, reduces the need for expensive repairs, and extends the life of your entire system, delaying the inevitable purchase of a brand new HVAC unit.

Basic 1 Year Total Comfort Maintenance Membership

    • $30 Membership Fee and $75 at the time of each visit
    • Priority service over non-members
    • 1 Spring pre-peak season cooling inspection
    • 1 Fall pre-peak furnace inspection
    • Free EER Evaluation (efficiency rating)
    • Discounted diagnostic call if needed ($79 value)
    • 10% discounted repairs
    • 1-year warranty on parts replaced
    • NO overtime charges for nights or weekends
    • Filter replacement (customer provides filter)

3 Year Premium Total Comfort Membership

    • $90 membership p/unit and $70 p/unit at the time of service
    • 6 scheduled Cleaning & Inspection (Spring & Fall)
    • 15% off parts & repairs
    • $10 off a diagnostic call
    • 5% off system replacements
    • 1 lb of refrigerant p/year if needed
    • Filter replacement (customer provides filter)

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Here at TemperaturePro, we offer air conditioning services to commercial customers as well. If you’re experiencing AC issues at your school, office, store, or elsewhere, our expert HVAC technicians can help.


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