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$99 System Seasonal Tune-Up Special

$99 Proactive Maintenance Special ($129 value)

System maintenance & inspection can identify issues with your unit that could cause outages in the peak of  season. Weak capacitors, damaged contractors and other minor and preventable issues can be identified and resolved before they cause problems.  Maintenance can improve your systems performance which will lower the energy demand and reduce utility spend. We will optimize your system now so it can work at it’s best all season long.

A seasonal tune-up includes:

  • Cleaning of the indoor (Fall) or outdoor condenser (Spring Maintenance’s)
  • A full report of pressures and fluid levels from gauge readings
  • Check and test all safety (electrical, gas, and motors)
  • Check condition of components (expansion valve, compressor, fan, condenser coil (furnace) Evaporator coil (A/C) Chemical Refrigerant (R22/R410a)
  • Leak test (refrigerant, gas and Co2)
  • Verify thermostat is monitoring and regulating air properly
  • Drain blow out*
    *completely blocked condensate and overflowing drains require are an additional fee

Free Indoor Air Quality Test with a Tune-up.

Up Front Pricing

No Coupons, Vouchers, or Negotiation Required:

At TemperaturePro SA, we offer up front pricing in replacement system quotes. We don’t mark up prices up, just so we can mark back down. We don’t require coupons to be clipped or promo codes. Honest, upfront, and fair competitive pricing is the most transparent way to earn your business.

Replacement HVAC Systems from 1 – 5 tons and 14 to 24 seer:

  • Estimates include permits, equipment, supplies, professional installation, removal and recycling of old equipment.
  • Complimentary year of proactive maintenance
  • 10 year labor warranty (optional)
  • 10 year parts warranty from the manufacturer and registration of equipment
  • Filing of any rebates

Free Indoor Air Quality Test with a Tune-up.

Preventative Maintenance Membership

Total Comfort Preventative Maintenance

Enroll for biannual membership and get a $100 Credit towards a new system for each year you are a member*!

    • Spring Tune-up – Clean, tune and ready your Air Conditioner for the intense summer demand.
    • Fall Tune-up – Clean and prepare your furnace/heat pump so you’re warm all Winter.
    •  See all the additional benefits of being a Total Comfort Member.
      Schedule your preventative maintenance to keep your systems running efficiently and your utility spend lower.

*up to $500

Why Invest in a New A/C?

Freon/R22 refrigerant is banned as of 1/1/2020 because it’s damaging to the earth protective ozone layer. Learn More About R22

A/C units can need up to 15 lbs of R22 / Freon and its currently $100+ per lb, that could be $1,500 to refill an old leaky system!

Don’t throw money into an old, inefficient unit, that won’t be repairable after 2019.

Even if your old unit is running, because they lose efficiency as they age, they run longer, use more energy and cost you more monthly in utility fees. If your unit(s) has been around longer than the iPhone (10 years), it’s time to update and upgrade your A/C as well.

The new refrigerant, R410a, 16+ seer A/C systems are more efficient, vibrate less which makes them less prone to need repairs, use less energy,  and lower your utility spend. Most 16+ seer units are eligible for early change-out CPS rebates of $130 per ton. (size of unit). Higher seer system get larger rebates.

Seer is the measure of system’s energy consumption or “efficiency” and “ton” is the size of the unit based on the size/specs (heat load) of the home. Minimum seer in San Antonio in 2018 is 14 seer, but CPS offers rebates for 16+ seer systems because the higher the seer, the more efficiency and the less energy demand on the grid.

Steel and Aluminum import tariffs went into effect March and modified in May 2018. Products that contain steel and aluminum, like HVAC units, are anticipated to continue to rise as much as 25%. If you know your system is old and inefficient, waiting to replace will only cost you more. Don’t wait. Replace now. 210-858-5566  Learn more.

Experts You Can Trust

The core values at TemperaturePro are simple… honesty and a commitment to your comfort. We believe there will be many opportunities to serve you, so we’ll never treat you like a one-time transaction. Because our technicians are non-commission based, there is no hard sell or recommendations for unnecessary heating or air conditioning repairs or premature system replacements. We’ll give you an honest recommendation and options based on the diagnostic facts. To keep your air conditioning running long and efficiently, we will always recommend that you invest in twice a year system preventative maintenance tune-ups. You can save energy and money with regular preventative maintenance.

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