Payment Options

To help homeowners with repairs over $1,000 or to get into a new heating and air conditioning system, TemperaturePro San Antonio accepts:

Cash/checks, credit cards, credit-based financing, for repairs and new system installations. For New equipment & installation we  offer financing, 10 year subscriptions, and income-based, lease-to-own options.

Call 210-858-5566 to learn more or check prequalification below:

Before you submit the pre-qualification request, please verify your credit accounts are accessible (unfrozen).

To allow for soft-pull credit checks, please remove any security freezes from your Equifax,  (1-888-298-0045) or Experian (1-888-397-3742, and/or TransUnion (1-833-395-6941) accounts.

Credit-Based Financing


OPTIMUS Financing uses soft pull credit technology to quickly help a homeowner get to the right lending or leasing products. This will virtually eliminate the need for multiple applications and multiple credit pulls, all the while delivering 90% approval rates. All in just seconds.

New A/C systems, all brands, starting as low as $85 per month (with approved credit).


  • Prime Financing
  • Second look option
  • Lease-to-own Income based options

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Subscription Lease

Income-Based, Lease-to-Ownership Option

How We Can Help You

Life happens and sometimes our credit take a beating, but Microf has a HVAC lease-to-own option.

It is designed especially for homeowners who need to replace their heating or cooling system but who may not be approved for traditional financing due to low credit scores or financial challenges from the past. If you have a steady income, you may qualify for Microf!

To apply, all you need is:

  • A valid ID
  • An active bank account
  • Proof of income (access to your banking statements)
  • Homeowners insurance (proof not required)

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Credit Based Financing

Service Finance Company, LLC is a nationally licensed finance company offering homeowners HVAC financing solutions for short term, 60, 90, 120 and 180 month traditional financing and payment plans.

You can replace or repair your broken or inefficient old air conditioning and heating HVAC system for low monthly payments and with no pre-payment penalties. There are many plans available so talk to your TemperaturePro Comfort Adviser today to learn about all the options.

New A/C systems, all brands, starting as low as $85 per month (with approved credit).



Call Today to get pre-qualified for a new HVAC system – 210-858-5566

air conditioning service repair

The T-Pro Prescription is a Service Subscription

We offer traditional financing and income based, lease-to-own options. If you don’t want to invest in equipment that depreciates and becomes obsolete as technology improves, we have an AC Service Subscription option. The T-Pro prescription is a 120 month service plan that provides comfort with a no-cash upfront and “worry-free” all inclusive equipment installation, annual maintenance with filters and repairs* included.

The T-Pro Prescription is a “no upfront costs” solution for getting brand new, high efficiency equipment that doesn’t impact debt-to-income ratio and can be paid monthly by credit card or bank drafts.

How would you like an all-inclusive option that includes new equipment, annual maintenance, replacement filters, all equipment related repairs and labor included for 10 years? We’ve got the solution.

*repairs related specifically to the manufactured equipment. Does not include condensate drain, plumbing or electrical panel  issues.