Ductwork – Flexible or Ridged, Repaired or Replaced

Ductwork is the air return and delivery system tied to the a/c and heating unit. Correctly designed ductwork is critical because the loss of air flow and comfort occurs when the ductwork is undersized, damaged or not sealed properly.

To deliver the correct volume of air needed, the ducting must be properly sized and balanced by room. This is a true science and because required air flow can be measured (CFM – cubic feet per minute), properly directing the flow can lead to the ultimate in home comfort.

If you have rooms that are uncomfortable, stagnant or that are too hot or cold, let a TemperaturePro expert analyze the quality and design of the current ducting. Many times small changes can lead to great improvements.  Don’t pay to air condition and heat your attic!

deteriorating ductwork
disconnected ductwork

Duct Cleaning

Yes, we offer Ductwork Cleaning too – https://temperatureprosa.com/service/ductwork-cleaning/