Air Conditioning A/C Heating Repair and Replacement San Antonio

I called TemperaturePro to perform a spring maintenance check on my two, nineteen-year-old ACs. The serviceman, Mike, arrived on time and thoroughly explained the company’s maintenance process. (I suspected one of my units was not cooling adequately, which turned out to be the case.) After a thorough review of my options with the owner, Tim, and considering the age of the units, I decided it was time to replace the one with the coolant leak with a 4-ton Trane System. An important aspect of this consideration was the fact that the refrigerant used for my systems will be phased out and eliminated from use by the year 2020, plus the fact that CPS currently has a $900.00 rebate on my new system. On the day of the install, David and Angel arrived as scheduled. They wore booties and laid down drop cloths to protect our hardwood floors. Changing out the old for the new unit (located in the attic of our 2-story house) took the better part of the day; and even though it rained the entire day, the crew did an heroic job to minimize tracking in mud and water. In the process of the install, David discovered that one of the wires that ran from the old unit in the attic to the condenser in the backyard was defective. They were willing to work late into the night to address this, but I opted for a night’s rest for everyone concerned. The next day, the wire was replaced, which was no simple job, including having to follow updated city codes. The afternoon of the second day, Nick and Parker came by to change out the old thermostat and connect the new to our Wi-Fi in the process. I was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the entire crew and have decided to retain the company for maintenance checks. I have no hesitation in recommending Temperature Pro to anyone who might be needing maintenance on an existing system or a complete install.
Description of work:
New install of a coolant system