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Your information will be directed to our comfort adviser for estimate calculation. You will be contacted in 24 hours to schedule a delivery date.

TemperaturePro can create a rough-estimate based on the information provided. We’ll schedule a brief in-home comfort consultation to discuss and review any additional factors or concerns, like budget, air quality or comfort issues (hot or cold rooms etc.) and we’ll take a brief sight survey of the home.

We’ll take measurements of the attic access length and depth and the interior platform space. If the air handler is in a closet, we’ll measure the spaces dimensions and access. New HVAC system are generally larger than the older equipment so these measurements and photos are necessary to prevent any unexpected installation complications.

We’ll look at the quality of the existing ductwork and room grills, inside and outside breakers, the gas lines and flue pipes and look for any code issues. Once we have all the information, a proper and accurate estimate can be provided on sight.